Frontline Worker Thank You Card

We have been so overwhelmed by the beautiful and heartwarming well-wishes Canadians across the country have submitted in support of our frontline workers we created a short video (see below). Truly, spending an hour or two this week reading through your emails and writing out cards to doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare professionals, delivery drivers and grocery store clerks was far and away the highlight of our week. What’s more, it’s something we’d very much love to continue. But to do so, we’re going to need a little bit of help.

Full disclosure: when we announced our idea to mail one card per day to a frontline worker in appreciation of everything they are doing we had no idea how many requests we would get. Unfortunately, we don’t have the means to send out more then one card per day for a month or three. So we thought we’d give anyone reading this an opportunity to make small donation to allow us to fulfill as many cards as possible. $5 helps send one card with envelope/stamp to anyone in Canada and also helps support the LGBTQ artists behind the Mark it Proud Project.


If you choose to support this initiative with a $5 donation, we will simply choose a card at random from our inbox and send it out. If you'd like your donation to go towards a specific frontline worker. please follow the instructions below:

1) Pick a card you like on

2) Email with your order number, the name of the card you'd like us to send, the person you're sending it to, the message you'd like us to include and their address (anywhere in Canada please).

3) We'll write out the message verbatim and send it to them on behalf of you. Not sure of a specific person? We'll happily send it to a nurse's station, a doctor's office, a hospital, a grocery store etc. We are also happy to send you a blank card if you'd like to hand it to a frontline worker yourself or give your kids an activity to do! If they're on the frontline, we want to thank them. #wereallinthistogether