"America, We're Sorry" Card
"America, We're Sorry" Card "America, We're Sorry" Card

We are tired of waking up in Toronto, Canada feeling helpless as to what is going on in America as of late. Since the election of he-who-shall-not-be-named, we truly start each-and-every-morning with a pit in our stomach as we scroll through our Twitter feed to see what terribleness the President has inflicted on our good friends to the south. So we thought we'd channel our sadness and anger into something a little more positive: Introducing the "America, We're Sorry Card." 100% of the proceeds, minus the stamp and cost of printing the card will be donated to @raicestexas, a nonprofit that offers low-cost legal services to immigrant children, families and refugees.

IMPORTANT: After you add this card to your cart, please let us know who you'd like to send the card to and what message you'd like to include so we can send it directly to your friend and/or family member in the USA. Suggested messages include (a) an offer of a room and/or couch for the recipient to crash on in Canada for a mental health break or (b) a reminder to register to vote for the mid-term elections!