On August 16, 2015, Daniel married Aaron.

It was a magical evening filled with family, friends, food and plenty of these...

But as luck would have it, there was a silver-lining to Daniel and Aaron receiving countless generic bowtie-esque wedding cards with the words "Mr. and Mr." strewn across them. Namely, the genesis of an idea. But to make this idea a reality, Daniel would need some help. So he enlisted the talent of his amazing artist-friend Mark Uhre and MARK IT PROUD was born!


Our Mission 

The mission of MARK IT PROUD is to not only give those searching for the perfect Wedding, Birthday, Baby, Coming Out and/or Celebratory card a little more variety then can currently be found out in the greeting card aisle, but to expand the visibility of LGBTQ cards as well. MARK IT PROUD is our way of telling generations of past, present and future LGBTQ that it can (and does!) in fact get better. It is our hope that the next time someone walks down their local greeting card aisle, they see that a Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's Day or Baby Shower card isn't just reserved for those with the title "Mr & Mrs.'



Daniel Malen (Founder/Graphic Designer, Pictured side left)
Daniel loves to create. When Daniel isn't busy building and operating Toronto's first cold pressed juice company, he can be found blogging about television on his popular television blog theTVaddict.com, walking his dog, or knitting on the couch while watching Netflix alongside his amazing husband Aaron. Follow his exploits on instagram @dwmcreative

Mark Uhre (Founder, Artist, Pictured side right)
When Mark was four years old he started drawing on the bottom of his parents’ coffee table.  His family discovered his work seven years later when the table was flipped over into a moving truck - Mark draws on paper now.  He is a published Illustrator and Actor, currently performing on Broadway. www.markuhre.com