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This Week in Proud: Mike Morrison

THIS WEEK IN PROUD: The subject of this week's instalment of #thisweekinproud is Mike Morrison (Pictured left with boyfriend Richard Einarson). The name Mike Morrison may not be a household name just yet, but give him some time. Since moving to Calgary Alberta from his hometown of Fredericton New Brunswick, Morrison has worn many hats, but what makes us proud to call him a friend is his tireless support of our community's most vulnerable. Whether he is fighting for gay-straight alliances in Alberta's schools, standing in opposition to Alberta's anti-LGBTQ PC/Wildrose Party or giving voice to Calgary's disabled community left stranded by the city's lack of snow shovelling, Morrison gives new meaning to the hashtag #CanadaProud. What's more, between the time we asked him if he would allow us to highlight his awesome activism on our blog to now, he successfully launched and funded an @indiegogo campaign to host a free screening of @lovesimonmovie in Calgary! (Note to Calgarians reading this: The movie will be screened on April 8 at 10AM at Landmark Cinemas Shawnessy.) Thanks Mike for continuing to #markitproud and inspiring us and others to do good.

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