Play It Proud: The Show Will Go On!

After reading a story yesterday on CBC London about how the London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board pulled funding for "Prom Queen: The Musical" — a true story about a gay teen fighting his school adminstration for the right to take his boyfriend to prom — based on what both school boards characterized as "questionable content," we were prepared to start our day with a fight!

True Story.

We were all prepared to post about how we would donate 100% of the profits from our Mark It Proud temporary tattoos to help bridge the funding gap, yet low and behold there is no longer a funding gap! In a mere twelve hours, over THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS and counting has already been raised (Follow up story here). Proof positive that the tide has turned, blatant bigotry and hateful homophobia is no longer going to be tolerated and these f*cking dinosaurs who insist on living in the past have lost this fight (Yet again!) #theshowwillgoon #canadaproud #loveislove #lovewins #resistance #riseup #markitproud