Now Available From Bonavista to Vancouver Island!

When we launched the Mark It Proud project on Kickstarter, we did so in the hopes that the next time someone walks down their local greeting card aisle, they might see that a Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's Day and/or Baby Shower card isn't just reserved for those with the title "Mr. & Mrs.'

One year later we are beyond PROUD to share the news that Mark It Proud has taken the LGBTQ card mainstream. Albeit not quite, "Bonavista to Vancouver Island," our beautiful collection of colourful cards can now be found from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, and almost every province in between! To find a card nearest you, click here.

Thank you again for helping make this dream a reality. Your continuous encouragement, support, likes, tweets and social shares means so much to us. More importantly, it also means that some young kid who may-or-may-not be wondering where they fit in a world of wedding cards with "Mr. & Mrs." emblazoned across them just walked into an Indigo bookstore in Calgary (Oh, did we forget to mention we're in INDIGO and CHAPTERS stores across the country!) and discovered that it can (and does) in fact get better.